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November 16 - 17, 2019 - Dallas, TX | Register Today!


Dynamic Mindfulness is The Niroga Institutes evidence-based, trauma-informed, stress resilience practice that has been embraced by professionals in this country for over a decade. Dynamic Mindfulness is an intersection of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practices that are accessible and help create and manage environments for wellness and recovery. This practice includes mindful movements, breathing techniques, and meditation practices, which, when integrated, are essential for managing stress, self-care, and healing from personal and secondary trauma.

Learn dynamic mindfulness for both personal and professional stress resilience. This practice helps you to improve emotional regulation and increase well-being. In these classes, you will find different tools that are quickly accessible and easily implemented throughout the day.  This practice is for anyone interested in learning about Social Emotional Learning (“SEL”) practices that enhance stress resilience and emotional regulation.

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This introductory training is for anyone interested in learning about transformative Social Emotional Learning (SEL) practices that enhance stress resilience and emotion regulation.  These skills can be used anytime, anywhere. This training gives an introduction to the practice and teaches you about stress and mindfulness, the science behind the practices, how these tools help with trauma, and interpersonal applications.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify personal stressors and coping mechanisms

  • Utilize tools for stress-resilience that are personally optimal

  • Understand and explain the impact of chronic stress on the brain and behavior

  • Interpret the neuro-scientific basis of how Dynamic Mindfulness works

  • Describe how Dynamic Mindfulness can help mitigate the effects of trauma, including secondary trauma

  • Apply trauma-informed instruction to their Dynamic Mindfulness protocol


Learn to teach Dynamic Mindfulness as a tool for stress resilience, increasing attention, self control, and emotional regulation.

This training will allow you to deepen your practice and learn how to integrate this practice into your professional life by teaching others.  Participants must have participated in foundations training.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the scientific basis of Dynamic Mindfulness through the lens of developmental neuroscience and somatic psychology

  • Identify and analyze the benefits of Dynamic Mindfulness as a tool for stress management, self-care, and healing from secondary trauma

  • Describe how Dynamic Mindfulness can enhance resilience, increase attention, self control, and emotion regulation of children, adolescents and adults

  • Design a lesson or client session that incorporates the Dynamic Mindfulness curriculum

  • Create a plan to integrate Dynamic Mindfulness into their professional practice

  • Apply trauma-informed instruction to their Dynamic Mindfulness protocol



My mindfulness practice and knowledge has been crystallized through Amanda’s thorough and easy to understand teaching of Dynamic Mindfulness. She is able to take the content and share it with audiences that are diverse in age, race, cultures and professional backgrounds.

Amanda has the intuitive ability to implement various teaching strategies to ensure that each participant finds an organic and unique way to connect not only with the training content, but with other participants within the training community.

I will never forget my learning and experience from this Dynamic Mindfulness training. My gratitude overflows for Amanda’s gift to reshape my mindfulness practice and adequately equip me to serve on a path of helping others with a real tool of hope!

I have used Dynamic Mindfulness with many of my clients but I see the greatest impact with those who have a history of trauma. Early in their lives, these clients learned to dissociate and disconnect from their bodies as a way of coping with abuse and violence - this strategy served them well, allowing them to survive, but now later in life it is causing problems such as depression, anxiety and chronic medical issues. After only a few sessions of Dynamic Mindfulness I have watched these clients begin to reconnect with themselves, opening the door to true healing. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource! I will put it to good use.
— Sara, Therapist

My experience learning Dynamic Mindfulness from Amanda was absolutely seamless, and provided a complete mindset shift on how I personally view and process trauma. Her expert approach, passion, and knowledge base around mindfulness practice is evident, and applicable to a wide spectrum of individuals and learning environments. Amanda possesses an innate ability to connect the information with tactical ways in which it can be applied to our daily lives.

Gaining this knowledge, coupled with the amazing energy and obvious gift that is Amanda Muhammad, has been an eye opening experience in so many ways. I am immensely grateful for her talents, and sheer mastery of the art form of mindfulness. Her ability to connect with humans and reroute perspectives regarding distress is apparent, and so necessary in this world today.

I am very excited to say that my patients are benefiting from the training. I had a patient call me the other night in tears, a bit on the hysterical side. It took me a good 30 minutes but was able to help her breath till she stopped crying and was actually able to speak and then I was able to redirect her focus and she was able to then talk rationally and focus on a plan of action for the evening. I am very excited to continue to implement into my daily treatments with patients and looking forward to applying it along with some DBT therapy groups.

Amanda’s ability to build a sense of community within 6 to 12 hours of training speaks to the intentionality that she has before you even step through the doors of the training facility.

From registration to the presentation, she handles each of her clients with integrity and professionalism.
— Melanie K., TEACHER

The Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training was absolutely amazing! Amanda is dedicated and passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience of mindfulness practices. She seeks to empower others with tools that will help them manage stress, increase resilience and practice self-care consistently. Amanda’s personality (personable & humorous) is displayed as she teaches others about mindfulness. You will leave her presence strengthened in your abilities. I have been equipped with the information to expand my personal and professional practice of mindfulness.

I really liked Dynamic Mindfulness Training. I think it is so empowering when people realize they have some element of control, especially because by the time I see them they feel like life is out of control. I believe it will also go hand in hand very nicely with EMDR because safety and stability is the groundwork before anything else can be done. DM is one way to achieve this.

It’s easy to put things into practice with an awesome teacher! You gave us skills, education, and information that we could apply, well as in my case, the same day! Great teachers produce great students who have the potential to become great teachers.