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Amanda S. Muhammad

is a Stress Management Consultant living in Dallas, TX. 

Amanda Muhammad is a Mindfulness Based Stress Management Consultant in Dallas, TX. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Business Psychology, holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor's Degree in Management and Leadership. After several years of experience in corporate America and education, she found love in teaching others and helping them maximize their potential. Amanda now spends her days teaching accessible ways to take a preventative approach to stress management. Further, she teaches professionals how to introduce these techniques to their students and clients as a foundation for social-emotional learning, restorative practices, and resilience.

Amanda facilitates a variety of workshops, hosts mindfulness trainings, and serves as a resilience coach. She’s had the opportunity to share her practice with a number of individuals, organizations, schools, and companies across the country. In addition to her physical work, she operates Mako Mindfulness, a web-based educational platform created to teach you how to build resilience to stress and learn tips for incorporating self-care throughout your day. Amanda is the co-founder of A Peace of Yoga with her mother, Celestine Muhammad. The company serves as an Ambassador for The Niroga Institute, a Community Partner for The Yoga & Body Image Coalition, and a Circle Facilitator for Off the Mat Into the World.

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