Workshops + Professional Development

Best workshop ever! :)” ・”Great workshop and insight on stress and trauma!”・”Excellent! One of the best workshops I attended” ・”Amazing training, great information, useful practices, relevant to my current work. Best presentation ever.”・”Had an awesome experience, truly felt relaxed and got away from my work worries for a bit.”・”Absolutely amazing session”・”Great practices to keep me decompressed. Amanda kept it real. She showed us practice we can do wherever.”・”This session gave me practical and accessible reading tools for myself, for school and home. Thank you!”・”Awesome, amazing presenter!”・”Great session, brought so much awareness”・Thank you for such a valuable resource that doesn’t require resources! :) .... just action!
— Texas education agency ssi community partnerships conference

Thanks so much for everything, Amanda!! The entire team raved about your workshop and expressed their commitment to implement the tools you taught them. You definitely added so much value to our retreat!
— Parkland Health & Hospital System

Sending a huge Thank You to you, Amanda!! Amanda talked to our girls about mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, affirmations and my favorite- resiliency! Our Directors and Volunteers learned a lot (too!) about how our minds and bodies react to stress. She packed so much valuable content into her time and many girls said her session was their favorite part! You are an amazing example for our young people, Amanda!! It was a blessing to have you with us!! And a beautiful thing to witness your craft :) We are clients for life! #HearHerRoar.
— Youth Going Above & Beyond

Amazing. I thought the breathing and stuff was going to be weird but I am definitely going to do it now! It made me think of
myself more in depth and that really opened a lot of ideas up in my mind.
— Kelsey

Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed your session at The Teacher Self Care Conference in Chicago and immediately started a new routine in my classroom with breathing exercises.
— Stephanie, 4th/5th Teacher

I tend to get super overwhelmed with school and trying to keep my grades up and prevent my GPA from dropping. I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2016 and I am always open to learning new ways to cope with this disorder. What this workshop helped me realize is that I can’t do many things at once without getting stressed, so I need to be better about splitting up my time. The workshop also taught me breathing exercises that I have actually been using on my own free time to bring myself back to a state of relaxation when I’m feeling overwhelmed.
— Melleney, HS Junior

Such a great presenter! I am looking forward to implementing some of her strategies with our staff and in my classroom!
— Daisy

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. This was my first year teaching and it was a difficult one. We have very little support and although some of the teachers are wonderful and helped me as much as they could, it still was a pretty rough year. I was stressed to the point where I barely remember the beginning of the year. These workshops really helped me and I try and practice mindfulness educating every day.

I truly believe in the practice that you and your company are spreading! I have even spread some of this to my spouse and our home.
— C.M., Dallas ISD 4th Grade Teacher

This workshop stood out from others I’ve attended because it has helped me cope with my stress. I go days without letting stressful situations clump my thoughts just by practicing the tools Amanda taught us. I have become a better person living a brighter life thanks to this workshop.
— Matthew, HS Senior

I found this workshop to be beneficial because it provided me a physical, nearly instant, and realistic outlet for stress. As a junior in high school, I constantly feel overwhelmed and stressed out by friends and classes. After hearing what Amanda had to say about stress, I realized how much unnecessary pressure and harm I was placing on my body. My interest was particularly sparked when she demonstrated physical skills to relieve stress from the body such as the belly breathing exercise. I will continue to use these methods when I feel stressed.
— Sayeed, HS Junior

Loved the guided breathing/movement/reflection time. As well as the chance to share with neighbors. Cheering for each
other in the affirmations was special, and I learned a lot about mind-body connections and how that impacts both me and
my learners. Really want to implement as much of this as I can, and it also indirectly encouraged me to more intentionally
work on understanding/healing my own internal issues/stressors.
— Mandy

Amazing and so many practical tips! Would do this workshop again and again!
— Vasonye


I want to thank you for all the support you have given to our campus and our staff. I received nothing but great feedback from our staff in regards to their experience in your program. I believe Mako Mindfulness for Educators has been a great success.
— Fernando V., HS Principal

I’ve studied mindfulness in the past, but working with Amanda has helped me immensely. I have struggled most of my life with my anxiety, and at times it was overwhelming. However, through Amanda’s Mako Mindfulness program, I learned the science behind my anxiety, mastered great techniques for handling stress, and found ways to incorporate mindfulness practices into my daily life. Since completing the program, I’ve had a much higher quality of life and have found ways to continue manage my stress.
— Kayleigh, Teacher

Amanda has come to my classroom several times to work with me and my students on mindfulness strategies. My students come from very chaotic home lives. They have also faced a lot of adversity in the classroom. Mindfulness has helped me go from a very angry, unhappy, and stressed out teacher, to a very calm, understanding, and giving one.

Mindfulness and breathing exercises also tremendously help my students calm their angry and chaotic brains. For about the first two weeks they think it is silly, but when I share with them the science behind how the brain works under stress, and after practice, they really start to take it seriously. My favorite is when the students take the lead and either come up with their own breathing exercise, or lead one I’ve taught them.

I continually ask Amanda to come back to my classroom to keep my skills honed and to teach me new techniques. I learn something new from her every time. I will continue to use mindfulness practices for my own sanity and for my students’ success.
— Christina M., 3rd Grade Teacher

Words cannot describe what Amanda has done for many teachers at my campus. What she has done for us is seen through our actions and the result is seen through our students. Thanks to Mako Mindfulness, I am able to be supportive, understanding and caring towards my students and this is because of what Amanda has taught us and has been to our team. Her teachings are transcendent. I am forever indebted to Amanda.
— Heather G., Teacher

Dynamic Mindfulness

My mindfulness practice and knowledge has been crystallized through Amanda’s thorough and easy to understand teaching of Dynamic Mindfulness. She is able to take the content and share it with audiences that are diverse in age, race, cultures and professional backgrounds.

Amanda has the intuitive ability to implement various teaching strategies to ensure that each participant finds an organic and unique way to connect not only with the training content, but with other participants within the training community.

I will never forget my learning and experience from this Dynamic Mindfulness training. My gratitude overflows for Amanda’s gift to reshape my mindfulness practice and adequately equip me to serve on a path of helping others with a real tool of hope!
— Stefanie B., Educational Diagnostician

I have used Dynamic Mindfulness with many of my clients but I see the greatest impact with those who have a history of trauma. Early in their lives, these clients learned to dissociate and disconnect from their bodies as a way of coping with abuse and violence - this strategy served them well, allowing them to survive, but now later in life it is causing problems such as depression, anxiety and chronic medical issues. After only a few sessions of Dynamic Mindfulness I have watched these clients begin to reconnect with themselves, opening the door to true healing. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource! I will put it to good use.
— Sara, Therapist

My experience learning Dynamic Mindfulness from Amanda was absolutely seamless, and provided a complete mindset shift on how I personally view and process trauma. Her expert approach, passion, and knowledge base around mindfulness practice is evident, and applicable to a wide spectrum of individuals and learning environments. Amanda possesses an innate ability to connect the information with tactical ways in which it can be applied to our daily lives.

Gaining this knowledge, coupled with the amazing energy and obvious gift that is Amanda Muhammad, has been an eye opening experience in so many ways. I am immensely grateful for her talents, and sheer mastery of the art form of mindfulness. Her ability to connect with humans and reroute perspectives regarding distress is apparent, and so necessary in this world today.
— Ashley D., Education Program Manager

I am very excited to say that my patients are benefiting from the training. I had a patient call me the other night in tears, a bit on the hysterical side. It took me a good 30 minutes but was able to help her breath till she stopped crying and was actually able to speak and then I was able to redirect her focus and she was able to then talk rationally and focus on a plan of action for the evening. I am very excited to continue to implement into my daily treatments with patients and looking forward to applying it along with some DBT therapy groups.
— Carla W., TMS Coordinator

Amanda’s ability to build a sense of community within 6 to 12 hours of training speaks to the intentionality that she has before you even step through the doors of the training facility.

From registration to the presentation, she handles each of her clients with integrity and professionalism.
— katie h., Teacher

Amanda’s training has been especially helpful to me in my personal life. I’ve done some of the relaxing movements. We took some time for silence in the training and I heard an encouraging word in my spirit. Now, I spend 15 minutes just being quiet every day. Sometimes I fight sitting there but I am usually glad that I did it. I practice the relaxing movements as well.
— Pam B., Therapist

The Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training was absolutely amazing! Amanda is dedicated and passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience of mindfulness practices. She seeks to empower others with tools that will help them manage stress, increase resilience and practice self-care consistently. Amanda’s personality (personable & humorous) is displayed as she teaches others about mindfulness. You will leave her presence strengthened in your abilities. I have been equipped with the information to expand my personal and professional practice of mindfulness.
— Aundrea T., Growth Agent

I really liked Dynamic Mindfulness Training. I think it is so empowering when people realize they have some element of control, especially because by the time I see them they feel like life is out of control. I believe it will also go hand in hand very nicely with EMDR because safety and stability is the groundwork before anything else can be done. DM is one way to achieve this.

It’s easy to put things into practice with an awesome teacher! You gave us skills, education, and information that we could apply, well as in my case, the same day! Great teachers produce great students who have the potential to become great teachers.
— Shelly B., Therapist

Amanda has the intuitive ability to implement various teaching strategies to ensure that each participant finds an organic and unique way to connect not only with the training content, but with other participants within the training community.

I will never forget my learning and experience from this Dynamic Mindfulness training. My gratitude overflows for Amanda’s gift to reshape my mindfulness practice and adequately equip me to serve on a path of helping others with a real tool of hope!
— Jess C., Therapist



After and during the exercises, I became more relaxed and less stressed. I was able to focus more on the tasks and stayed calm.
— 11th
This exercise helps us notice details in our body which help relax us. Thank you very much for sharing these exercises with us.
— 10th
I’m feeling less tension in my shoulders, and my eyes are more focused. I feel refreshed and soothed.
— 11th
It helped me calm down. I don’t feel mad anymore.
— 7th
I feel relaxed calm and myself still. I feel that my day has started over again in a positive way.
— 8th
It was calming. Made my headache go away.
— 6th
After the mindfulness practice I feel completely relaxed and my mind is more clear.
— 8th
I feel very focused calm and I’m not mad anymore. I feel better.
— 7th
I feel a lot better. I’m not stressed or distracted anymore. I let things go and I feel better about everything.
— 10th
I’m still upset but I feel more calm.
— 7th
I felt less stressed, more focused, and super calm. I think this practice really helps the body relax.
— 9th