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Amanda uses scientifically supported mindfulness practices as a tool for teaching stress management and self-care. Amanda facilitates industry specific workshops, encouraging others to find accessible ways to address and dissolve their stress. Amanda has had the opportunity to share her practice with a number of individuals, organizations, and companies in the DFW Metroplex. In addition to workshops, Amanda teaches yoga and mindfulness meditation classes, personalizing each session to meet the needs of her clients.

Wellness Classes

Wellness is a fun, healthy, and effective way to boost morale and productivity in your workplace/organization. Class is tailored to fit into your space and organizational culture. Consider hosting a wellness class with Amanda, and let her lead your group through 30 - 60 minutes of wellness practices.

Workshops & Professional Development

  • Rewrite for Resilience: Evidenced Based Mindfulness Practices for Stress Resilience

  • Stress: Taking Control of the Inevitable

  • Being Well: Tools for Self-Care

  • Mindfulness in the Classroom: Strengthening Emotion Regulation and Resilience in our Schools

  • Burnout!: Prevention and Recovery While Doing What You Love

Dynamic Mindfulness Trainings

Dynamic Mindfulness is an evidence-based, trauma-informed, stress resilience practice that has been embraced by professionals in this country for over a decade. Dynamic Mindfulness is an intersection of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practices that are accessible and help create and manage environments for wellness and recovery. This practice includes mindful movements, breathing techniques, and meditation practices, which, when integrated, are essential for managing stress, self-care, and healing from personal and secondary trauma.

Learn dynamic mindfulness for both personal and professional stress resilience. This practice helps you to improve emotional regulation and increase well-being. In these classes, you will find different tools that are quickly accessible and easily implemented throughout the day.  This practice is for anyone interested in learning about Social Emotional Learning (“SEL”) practices that enhance stress resilience and emotional regulation.

Corporate Stress Management & Wellness

Stress costs the United States over $300 billion annually due to increased absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, medical, legal, and insurance expenses, and workers’ compensation payments. Targeted Corporate Wellness programs can have a significant impact on reducing stress which can result in healthier employees and cost saving opportunities for employers.

Build a culture that supports employee health and organizational wellness. Invest in your employees and your company by promoting focus, creativity, productivity, and engagement within your teams. 

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